Everyone laughs and thinks the videos are witty and edgy. The actors Blue Barn books are talented and experienced. The videos come out crisp and clear and you can tell a ton of editing is involved in the process. Blue Barn kicks ass.

Mike Sill

Founder, Sunday Scaries

“Think Fast, Stay Calm” / Tincture
What’s the worst thing you could do 15 minutes before a first date? How about forgetting you’re supposed to be on a first date in 15 minutes? The tincture product delivers a few drops of CBD oil that stamps out stress, fast. The video debuted on Valentine’s Day (of course) through various social media channels, and ChiveTV.

“Bee Pollen” / Vegan AF
One of Sunday Scaries’ flagship products, Vegan AF does everything a regular Sunday Scaries gummy can, but with vegan-friendly ingredients. Our team wanted to captured a seemingly everyday scenario for vegans to relate to. So what better place for a vegan to experience stress than ordering food at a restaurant? Seriously, how many beat salads can one endure? The video debuted on various social media channels.

“Keep Your Dog Chill” / FOMO Bones
Stress has a way of sneaking up on everyone, even our canine companions, for that, we have FOMO Bones–Sunday Scaries’ CBD-infused treats exclusively for dogs. The video featured live action actors (and professional pooch), with a script written by our team, and debuted on the client’s various social media channels.

“Stocking Stuffer” / Sunday Scaries
Sunday Scaries came to us needing a promo that captured the message “Take the stress out of gift-giving”. And who better to represent some good old fashioned holiday cheer that Kris Kringle himself? (Side note: The role of Santa may or may not have been played by one of our company founders…) The video debuted on various social media channels, ChiveTV, and RollingStone.com.

“Office Anxiety” / Sunday Scaries
Bad day at the office? We can all relate. Sunday Scaries needed a video that captured the daily stresses, awkward interactions, and bizarre mishaps of the workplace grind. We brought together some truly funny actors, and shot on location at a working office, to bring one poor office drone’s bad day to life. The video ran on various social media channels. 

Sunday Scaries

“Make Life a Little More Chill with CBD” goes the Sunday Scaries motto. And who couldn’t use a little more chill in their life? Sunday Scaries’ products are designed to help you relax, without the high. The products are consumables that take the edge off, and come in a variety of forms: gummies, oil, and even doggy treats for your stressed out pooch!

Blue Barn partnered with Sunday Scaries to produce a series of attention-grabbing videos to raise general brand awareness. Each video had a unique story, situation, or a simple and bizarre idea. The brand doesn’t take itself too seriously, and these videos were a blast to make! Humor is a tricky thing to pull off, but each video resulted in plenty of positive feedback, laughter, and “What did I just watch?” moments.