Hairdressing mavericks, R+Co, made a stop at the famous AVALON theater in Hollywood, CA. We documented the whole stage show from setup to final curtain call to create this behind the scenes micro-doc.

R+Co Social Media Films
In anticipation of their latest product launches, R+Co commissioned Blue Barn Creative to create three quirky social media promos. The video production took place in Los Angeles at a large green studio, and all the animation magic was created back home in San Diego. The finished videos were used to drum up consumer awareness in the brand and new products.

R+Co The Polaroid Film
R+Co, inspired by the famous Andy Warhol Polaroid photos from the 1950’s, took on the challenge of shooting an entire photo shoot using only this rare, large-format, film stock.

Our team documented the challenges and inspiration that went into making the day possible, and the results were as unpredictable as the Polaroids themselves.

R+Co Behind the Chair
A brand essence film comprising their work through from the company’s founding to today. The film was produced for a live presentation, organized by BehindtheChair.com, to showcase the brand to an audience of thousands, comprising stylists, salon owners, and fashion writers. All content was produced by Blue Barn Creative.

National Tour: Branding Film
R+Co launched their company with a national branding campaign geared to spread their name and connect with hairdressers. Blue Barn Creative produced three videos to be used during the tour as visual gateways into R+Co. The “Tour Branding Film” kicked off each event staged in major US cities.

National Tour: Products
National Tour: Education Film

R+Co App Film Intro
R+Co is an innovator in using technology as solutions to the traditional needs of hairdressers. Blue Barn Creative was commissioned to produce an internal video that would serve as an introduction to their groundbreaking mobile application.

Blue Barn Creative was commissioned to produce a brand-defining “Prospect Film”, video media for a national live tour, and educational videos for the entire line of products. Our team continues to create media for every new product and branding campaign.


“R+Co is a collective of some of the most forward-thinking, rule-bending hairstylists in the business.” 

With a combined century’s worth of hairdressing knowledge and experience, R+Co arrived on the national product and education scene ready to shake up the system and inspire a new generation of hairdressers.