Watch The Black Market Trust perform and discuss their latest album, “Just One of Those Things”. Capitol Studios is sacred ground for musicians. And what better place to pay tribute to the legends of the past? The Blue Barn team was there to capture it all in stunning 4K!

Rising reggae star, Hirie, has been climbing charts and filling venues. For the release of her sophmore album, Hirie enlisted the Blue Barn Team to produce a music video for the flagship single, “Renegade”. The production took place near a gorgeous lake and featured a roving band of musicians, dancers, and even live wolves. It all came together in way that captured the dreamy lyrics of the music, shot in stunning 4K.

The Black Market Trust
The Black Market Trust combines the classic sounds of the Great American Songbook with more contemporary pop-tunes like the Beach Boys, using the vintage instrumentation of a gypsy jazz caravan. All of that may sound like a crazy cocktail, but the result is a surprisingly complementary blend that sounds and both familiar and new at the same time.

Blue Barn Creative was tasked with producing a promo film that would introduce viewers (and listeners!) to the band and their unique concept.

Music Productions

Right behind making films, the Blue Barn Creative’s secondary passion has always been music. So, the team is partial to the musical opportunities that come their way.

Working with other artists has led to productions ranging from music videos, behind the scenes promos, and music documentaries. Here is a selection of work with some of their favorite collaborators.