Each production is a unique experience for all clients, however, the films we make are always visually stunning, and great attention is paid to the flow and pace. Concise messages and clarity are paramount in our work, so we always build our films with solid structure and attention to detail. Take a look at the our diverse portfolio work and see why businesses, artists, and producers alike look to Blue Barn Creative for their video solutions.


At Blue Barn Creative, we take pride in the partnerships we have developed with some major brands across the United States. Our ability to remain flexible and adopt each of our individual client’s brand qualities, characteristics and values is the foundation of our strong relationships. Collaborating over time yields some amazing results, so please click below to see some of our ongoing partnerships!

"The Reset"

Watch the full-length documentary, where we challenge the hair industry to reinvent itself with our host, Howard McLaren. By exposing fear-based resistance to innovation, and exploring resentment of the new generation we lift the veil on the beauty industry.