Make Better Videos With Blue Barn Creative

We help you make videos that grab attention and clarify your messages. Our video solutions help you cut costs and simplify your marketing too. Blue Barn Creative makes video for San Diego businesses, any industry, both large and small.


Content development is the first and most critical stage in our process. Kick off your project with the right process. Add clarity to your messages and get your videos in sync with your marketing objectives.


Capture the soul of your company with videos that get to the heart of your business. We’ll film the very best of what you do with efficient video shoots. Simplicity guides our highly focused filming process so we get great footage fast, with no disruption to your business.


Every video we make for you will have maximum impact on your business goals. Reaching your audience with better videos that reflect all of your greatness is our goal. All videos are formatted for every platform, so your videos look amazing on social media, websites, and anywhere you place video ads.


Pricing is transparent and every budget is tailored to your needs.

All projects are based on 1/2 day or full day video shoots.

Content development and video editing are included with every job. If your project requires additional production services we will provide a la carte pricing.


Professional writers will whip up your next commercial video. Comedy, drama, or just great ad copy! Never overlook the power of your words.
Looking for that perfect tone and articulation? We’ll cast the perfect voice actors to help make your next video amazing. 
Sometimes a story is best told with the help of animation. Advanced motion graphics make complex ideas easy to understand. Our teams work fast and the quality is stunning. 
Subtitles and captions are a great way to make sure your content is understood and watched by the widest possible audience. 
Professional talent can elevate your video higher than you ever imagined. We cast top notch professionals for our projects, and take care to make sure every actors hit their mark. 
Scouting, location rentals, and permits are an additional service that guarantees your video will be shot exactly where you envision it. 
We offer product, lifestyle, and event photography services. It’s very cost effective to capture photo content right alongside the video shoots. We can be extremely efficient with the talent, lighting, crew and locations in order to maximize your budget. 
You main video edit is included with our production service fees, however, additional video deliverables and alternative video formats can be made according to your exact specifications. Price estimates are based on the scope of work you require. 


“The guys here at Blue Barn Creative bring new perspectives, are very smart and savvy with their trade. They showed true interest and care in my product reveal video.” 
Jason Chen

Entrepeneur / Business Owner

“Blue Barn has been a highly valued partner of ours since we began our venture into video content! What was meant to be a one-time local contract for an on-site event in San Diego became a long-term relationship that has taken us around the world together. We knew very little about what we were doing when we started, but we knew we were in very capable hands. Blue Barn has helped guide us to our desired outcomes through their expertise and collaborative approach.
Lee Davidson

Managing Editor, Digital Content, AASCB

“From the quality of what they capture on film to how they structure the final products… Just a brilliant choice!!
Debra Crouch

Director, Okapi Educational Publishing


See some of our brand videos and commercials for past clients.


Our studio is a great space to record presentations, interviews, and product videos. The daylight from a large 12×6 ft window creates beautiful, soft lighting effects. Full light kits and light modifiers are also used to shape and control the light.

The studio is available to rent by the hour for your own projects. Or, if you work with our team on a video or photo project, there is no charge for the studio.

Located near Little Italy in Downtown San Diego.


Available for consultation seven days a week!
2635 Reynard Way San Diego, CA 92103


“Blue Barn stepped into a blind production environment, met with a variety of challenges in light and work space.. and killed it. Seasoned perspective, measured and professional temperament & artfully, skilled shooting chops that all contributed to a productive and creatively rewarding day. Wouldn’t think twice about partnering with this organization on any future project. Great experience.” 
John Hilton

Head of Production, INSPO Network