Brand Films

Often using interviews and B-Roll, brand films can help explain the origin of your company or your products. They can explore the vision for the future, or simply address the common challenges your customers face and show them how you can help them solve them!


• Shows customers your origins and your vision for the future.

• Excellent opportunity to present your solution to a customer’s problem.

Event Promos

Capture the magic of any event with expert videography. All the energy you put into special events can be captured and shared with other who couldn’t be there.


• Creates excitement and intrique amongst your followers.

• Compels others to attend future events.



Documentary films help capture your brand’s story. These films often feature interviews and B-Roll footage of the people who made the brand, run the operations, and the visionaries driving it into the future.

Also known as micro-docs, these films are a great way to explore your company’s core mission.


• Helps build trust.

• Emotionally engages customers.

Lifestyle Videos


Show how your product or service fits into your customer’s life. How do people use your products and how does it make their lives better?


• Showcases the features and benefits of your product.

• Inspires customers to make a purchase.



Animation can be the best way to explain complex topics. When certain material becomes difficult to film, motion graphics and custom animations can really bring your ideas to life in a fun and engaging way.


• Helps communicate complex ideas.

• Custom art direction for your brand.

Testimonial Videos

The story of how a company has made an impact on a customer can be the best way to build trust. Testimonials from people who use your products are extremely powerful and can be used to motivate new customers.


• Shows how others use a certain product or service.

• Convinces other to give your product a try.