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Professional Crews using top of the line equipment to produce engaging, short promo videos.
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Video Production For Less Than $2,000? Yes, we can!

Using the same equipment and talented crew that we use for our larger productions, we are offering a streamlined version of our commercial filmmaking service. We’ll create a short marketing video that delivers some key messages about:

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Want to produce an affordable, high-quality video?

We thrive on repeat business at Blue Barn because it allows us to get to know your brand and your team. Our goal is to express your vision and enhance it. You’ll be amazed at what our team can do in a short amount of time!

Step 1: Pre Production

•  First, we have a pre production phone meeting to discuss the most important messages, the format, and style for your video.

•  Together, we create a short “scripted interview”, which we will cover all of the key takeaways for your video.

•  You approve the script, style and format and we schedule a quick video shoot.

Step 2: Filming

•  A filmmaker will arrive at your business and film for two hours.

•  The first hour, we will setup a clean, quiet interview and record your “scripted interview”.

•  The second hour will be dedicated to filming all the necessary visuals to feature your business, your operation, or your products.

Step 3: Post Production

•  Our professional editors will create your film and deliver the first cut within two weeks.

•  After we receive your notes, we create the final version that incorporates your brand logos and necessary graphics. We’ll add a soundtrack, mix the audio and enhance the visuals.

•  Then your video is delivered!

What’s Included:

•  A Pre Production Phone Meeting

•  A Two Hour Video Shoot

•  An edited promo video within 2 weeks

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