Social Media Videos

Along with YouTube and other website distribution methods, social media has become the primary destination for marketing videos. Facebook, specifically, places high priority on video content compared to basic text or photos in news feeds. This has motivated marketers to produce more, high quality videos for their brands and allows them to effectively reach more audiences.  Most people are watching video on their smartphones through their news feeds and social media apps and that is a huge opportunity that all clients can take advantage of with custom social media content!

Take a look at some of the short videos we’ve created for various clients that have been released on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


Create Compelling Videos

We design videos to grab attention and help boost your brands presence on every one of your channels. We engineer each piece according to our clients specifications. Social media videos provide an excellent opportunity to build trust with customers, inspire and call your audience to action!

Instagram Video Campaign

Below are several clips from an Instagram campaign we did for Luxury Brand Partners. The videos were created using soundbites from the documentary film we were creating to promote a huge hair industry event in Miami called Front Row. The film and the event itself were meant to challenge hairdressers, salon owners and trendsetters throughout the beauty industry to innovate, move forward and adopt new ideas.