Tell the world what you are about by showcasing the talent and personalities in your company. Perfect for website videos, social, and anywhere you connect with customers.


Engage your audience with business videos that highlight your products and services. Great for social media, business video ads, and E-commerce product videos.


Capture live events such as conventions, keynotes, and interviews with our expert videography. Promote your events and capture your seminars, keynotes, and conferences.

Blue Barn Creative: San Diego Video Production

The video production services we are best known for are Brand Films, Business Promos, and Live Event Videography. Our styles of writing, directing, cinematography and design are the common threads throughout all of our work. We always strive to capture stunning visuals and build strong films that that engage viewers and share your most important messages. We always look forward to sharing our ideas with clients and coming up with the best video solutions for specific needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide maximum value for our clients, every time.

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