Branding Films

Tell the world what you are about! Showcase the talent and personality behind your products and services. Whether you are launching a new company or refreshing your approach, branding films are essential to every organization.


Powerful stories and interviews mixed with beautiful cinematography are the basis for great films. Micro-docs are an increasingly popular way to capture brand essence and deliver heartfelt perspectives.

Commercial Productions

From social media promos to national commercials, we concept, create, and deliver. Great content is best deployed on numerous platforms, and the most innovative and eye-cathing films deliver the best results. Engage your audience!

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Blue Barn Creative: San Diego Video Production

The video production services we are best known for are Branding Films, Documentaries, Live Event Coverage, and Commercial Productions. Our styles of writing, directing, cinematography and design are the common threads throughout all of our work. Even our most polished commercial productions and our live event coverage benefit from our documentary-style camera work. As new tools become available and new techniques inspire us, we use everything and anything we possibly can to create high-quality productions, regardless of budgets. We always strive to capture the most visually interesting angles and use camera motion to help tell the stories, that engage the viewer, and enhance the message. We always look forward to sharing our ideas and creating new films as we know how powerful video can be for any organization. Our ultimate goal is to provide maximum value for our clients, every time.

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