The Blue Barn team produces short-form video content for companies of all sizes, across many industries. Projects range from product videos, short ads, to PSA campaigns and web commercials.

  • San Diego Library Foundation: Libraries Transform

    A short video campaign to raise awareness and gain community support for San Diego Libraries. The video was filmed on location at various libraries within San Diego County.

  • You Are Not Alone

    The center provides services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and works to educate the community about violence against women, children, and men. This commercial is meant to help to prevent the cycle of violence by raising awareness and getting the word out.

  • Sunday Scaries: “Restaurant Anxiety”

    A short, comedic promo for Sunday Scaries “Gummies for Anxiety” Vegan AF. We explore the challenges that vegans face trying to eat at restaurants.

  • Sunday Scaries: “Office Anxiety”

    A short, comedic promo for Sunday Scaries “Gummies for Anxiety”. Office life can be a lot to handle with so many personalities around. What can you do when life is just not going your way? We’ve got gummies for that. Blue Barn produced the piece from concept, to production, and delivery.

  • Dig – GE200

    Blue Barn produced promo videos for Dig, a water irrigation brand, based in San Diego, CA. The videos were used as part of their national marketing campaigns. The GE200 is their flagship product, and found in hardware and home-goods stores across America.

  • Victorinox Swiss Army – I.N.O.X. Timepiece

    Blue Barn created several campaigns for Victorinox from 2015 to 2017, including radio spots, nationally televised commercials, and in-store retail displays for department stores like Macy’s. Our team wrote, produced and filmed all of the content for the campaign. This 30-second spot that aired on ESPN also won an Emmy Award.

  • Tony Robbins – Ultimate Edge

    “Ultimate Edge” is the #1 selling self-improvement system, from life-style guru Tony Robbins. Our team was tasked with creating a promo that weaved three separate stories into one cohesive, inspiring, narrative. The video production took several days, across many locations, but thanks to an amazing cast and crew it all came together to create this dynamic video.

  • ACI Specialty Benefits

    We headed to the green to showcase the services of ACI Specialty Benefits in this quirky promo. The company specializes in improving workplace productivity and driving business performance.

  • SyFy Invades Comic-Con

    The SyFy Channel took over the annual Comic-Con event, and their presence was everywhere! The Blue Barn team was tasked with capturing the madness of the craziest geek-culture event in the world, and showcasing the SyFy branding in a fun and energetic piece.

  • SIP Awards: International Spirits Competition

    For nearly a decade, the SIP Awards has disrupted the spirits industry with a consumer-based competition, designed to even the playing field between big brands and smaller up and comers. Blue Barn Creative produced the video using the RED 4K Camera, and a dynamic editing style, to capture the energy of the lively Newport-based event.

  • It’s Up to Us: Talk Openly

    “The It’s Up to Us campaign is designed to empower San Diegans to talk openly about mental illness, recognize symptoms, utilize local resources and seek help.”

    Blue Barn Creative has continued to work with the It’s Up to Us campaign to produce video content to raise awareness for signs of mental illness and depression. The videos were distributed through regional cable television access and online platforms.

  • OraQuick

    The San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus, partnered with our team to produce a web commercial promoting the first at-home HIV test: OraQuick. The chorus wanted to create something that captured their wit and presented a serious topic through a light-hearted lens. The video caught on, and generated over 250,000 views in just two weeks.

  • Up2Us Riverside Campaign – “Ana y Carlos”

  • #HaveYourDream