This is an extremely popular way to get your audience tuned in. Our team dives into your brand’s message, your origin story, and your values in order to create compelling films that connect with viewers.

  • BNBuilders: UC San Diego Project

    Blue Barn Creative headed back to school to collaborate with BNBuilders, and film the final stages of a science lab build out at UC San Diego. The fininished video is only two-minutes long, but it represents a production schedule that stretched over several months to capture the evolution of the lab.

  • San Diego Housing Commission: 40 Years

    The San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) is dedicated to helping those in need find affordable housing. But who are the people behind the organization? We were tasked with producing a brand film that would put a human face on the individuals that keep the commission running and our most vulnerable citizens off the streets.

  • Rachel & Victoria

    Every diamond used in a Rachel & Victoria ring is completely conflict-free and grown in controlled conditions. The brand film told the story of this mother/daughter duo and their commitment to ethical jewelry.

  • Erin Hanson

    Explore the bold and vibrant oil paintings of California-based impressionist artist Erin Hanson. She brings new life to the contemporary art scene. Our team produced a Creative Brand Film, in a documentary style, to capture her process and philosophy.

  • Procopio: Diversity & Inclusion

    We partnered with Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP to produce a film that reflects the firm’s values and commitment to inclusivity in the workplace. The film featured interviews with four attorneys, of various backgrounds, and weaved their stories into one message.

  • Griffin Capital

    Our team partnered with asset management company, Griffin Capital, to produce a comprehensive branding film, unifying the company message, and the many arms of the brand. The video production was shot over several days of interviews, b-roll, and some staging, all to create a high-energy brand film that captured the quick pace of stocks and trades.

  • Higher-Standards: Product Overview

    Blue Barn created a series of 11 films for the launch of Higher Standards, a high-end cannabis brand for connoisseurs. This film details the entire product line and is hosted by Instagram star, Sydney Maler, as she walks the viewers through the various cleaning products and rigs.

  • True Life Center: Neuralbiological Integration

    True Life Center for Wellbeing practices a multi-disciplinary approach to health and wellness. Founded by Dr. Krista Roybal, this technique is called Neurobiological Integration. This innovative, team-based approach treats the patient from a mind, body, and spirit level for sustained wellness. Here’s one of the films we produced for the center to launch on their new website.

  • Wave Soda

    The best, guilt-free, soda is made in Southern California. Wave Soda commissioned our team to pull together a quick branding film on a compressed timeline. The goal was to introduce the brand to investors in a personal, and fun video. The Blue Barn team advised putting the camera on the founder himself, and letting his personal story drive the narrative. The results were a video that felt as unique as the brand itself.

  • Eco Health Spray

    Our team was tasked with creating a promotion for a product that combats an invisible health hazard. The challenge was to find the human story, the need for this product in our daily lives, and make a compelling narrative rather that would connect with consumers on a personal level.

  • Bennion & Deville Recruitment Film

    This was the culmination of a video series we produced for Real Estate Agency: Bennion & Deville Homes. The series consisted of nine videos, all documentary various facets of the agency, with this one serving as the flagship film.

  • SpinTouch: Concours d’Elegance

    SpinTouch creates interactive displays that move and react in ways that surprise and delight users. The motions are organic and based on the user’s own actions. SpinTouch partnered with Mercedes-Benz to tell the company’s storied history, through their unique technology. And Blue Barn Creative was on hand to capture the event and showcase the SpinTouch technology.

  • The Roots of Harvest

    The team was commissioned to tell the story of the Mario Bazán brand through a two-part video series. The production took place over the course of one year — to accurately depict the process of a harvest. The videos were used for promotional and brand awareness, via e-letters and social media.

  • Terminus Pro

    Helm360 builds software for law firms that could use some extra help in organizing their personnel and case files. Blue Barn Creative produced this short film depicting a client of Helm360 doing pro-bono work for the underserved in Los Angeles, and how the Terminus Pro software has become essential in helping to achieve their mission.

  • SpinTouch: CES Las Vegas

    SpinTouch partnered with Blue Barn once again to showcase their latest in touchscreen technology. This time the crew traveled to Las Vegas to capture the SpinTouch team’s newest installation on the showroom floor.

  • Automation GT

    “Automation GT designs and manufactures custom machines for clients in need of reliable, efficient, and precise automated systems.”

    The film combined interviews with key team members and footage of the company’s automated technologies in action. The promo is currently used on the company website, branding correspondence, and in-house displays.