Video Production Designed To Elevate Your Brand

At Blue Barn, we consider ourselves collaborators above all else. When we work with clients, the first thing we do is listen carefully. We help identify the challenges they face and create video marketing solutions to bring them to their own, next level of success.

True Life Center

One of the biggest challenges faced by True Life Center in San Diego, was getting new customers to realize the sheer scope of therapies and treatments offered. Blue Barn helped bring together all the professional voices at True Life into a video campaign that showed prospective clients the variety of ways that they could begin to find healing.

Procopio Law Firm

For Procopio, diversity and inclusion had always been at the forefront of their company culture. Blue Barn was hired to produce a series of ‘values films’, a video campaign to showcase this. These films helps communicate the value that comes from diverse lawyers. Mainly, the quality of service and diversity of thought that comes from having lawyers from a variety of countries and cultures.

New Wave Soda

Nat Noone is an entrepreneur with an amazing product on his hands. The trouble was, he kept having to explain it to people. Over and over again… So, to help condense that elevator pitch into one, 60-second promo, he brought in Blue Barn to zip around San Diego in his big blue beverage van and film this fun product video about Wave Soda.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is known all over the world for his speaking engagements. But did you know that he offers smartphone apps that deliver courses to uplift and empower you in your everyday life? No? Well, this is exactly why Blue Barn was brought in, to create a series of lifestyle videos that show how people just like you can benefit from his teachings. Anywhere, anytime.

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