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Blue Barn Creative is a 7-time Emmy Award-winning team. The projects we are known for are brand videos, commercial videos, as well as event videos. We specialize in quality, story-driven video production services. We serve businesses, organizations, and agencies. For the past ten years, we've worked with amazing clients locally here in San Diego, as well as throughout the United States on a mission is to elevate people, products, and services with filmmaking.

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    Co-Founder / Filmmaker

    A veteran filmmaker who shoots and edits daily, Carlos keeps the wheels of Blue Barn turning by directing the projects. Whether he’s managing crew, communicating with the clients, or ensuring the budget is balanced, he creatively manages every production. He doesn’t rest until every detail of your project is accounted for.

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    Co-Founder / Filmmaker

    Always searching for the perfect shot, with a keen sense of the latest marketing trends, Steve steers the Blue Barn brand with a clarity of vision you’d expect from a top-tier cinematographer. It’s that unwavering vision that makes our projects look as professional as they do; and our commitment to excellence as solid as a rock.

  • Blue Barn Creative

    Co-Founder / Filmmaker

    In our industry, it’s important to get things done and to be reliable. No one is better at making a project happen than Vic. He brings his editing and producing skills to every project, along with years of TV experience (both behind the camera and in front of it), Vic manages the gap between client and crew.


We employ only the best and brightest for our projects. Our team is highly experienced and dedicated to making content that everyone wants to show off.

We’re recognized as a top Video Marketing Company on DesignRush and

The Origin of Blue Barn

As a boutique video production agency, the three Founders – Stephen Alberts, Vic Alavi, and Carlos Foster – are involved in every single video project. It’s that personal touch combined with years of experience that makes Blue Barn Creative one of the top video producers in San Diego.

Originally, Stephen came from the east coast where he was working as a video editor for Bumble and Bumble, a beauty brand in New York City. Carlos, a northern California native came through film school and focused on being a Director early on. Vic, a former Englishman, eventually made his way overseas after running a film photography studio in London. 

In 2012, the three of us found ourselves working for a cable TV network in San Diego performing a wide variety of roles: Producers, Directors, Camera Operators, Motion Designers, and Video Editors. As colleagues, we shared a desire to create quality content, to find stories that moved us, however, the management had different ideas.

We fought hard to raise the bar, but ultimately, we realized that we had to create our own company if we were ever going to satisfy our goal of producing great work. A place were a dedication to excellence was paramount and all else would fall in line. So, Blue Barn Creative was born and we've never looked back. 

We love making films that really move the needle for our clients. Nothing gets us more excited than when a client’s expectations have been surpassed, and when their brand grows as a result of our partnership. It is with that sense of purpose and intention that drives every project we take on.

After experiencing our friendly customer service and dedication to quality, most clients comment about and appreciate the easy experience and insight we've able to provide. While we are proud to have won several awards and produced several national television spots, our greatest joy comes from helping brands grow with honesty and authenticity. Naturally, this helps them tell better stories, increase audience loyalty and generate better sales. 

The story of Blue Barn Creative will continue to evolve, but our goal always remains the same: to create quality content, lasting partnerships and have fun doing it!

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  • Years in business: 10
  • Location: San Diego, CA (Little Italy District)
  • Accolades: collectively) 9 Emmy Award wins, 12 Emmy Award Nominations, 1 Telly Award: Best Televised Documentary, 1 San Diego Film Award: Best Commercial Spot
  • Select Clients + Partnerships: Victorinox Swiss Army, Luxury Brand Partners, Marsh & McLennan Companies, R+Co., SyFy Channel, Sunday Scaries, Griffin Capital, Procopio, New Wave Soda, Cisco Systems and many more!
  • Learn more about our featured partnerships : CLICK HERE

Corporate Video Production Company San Diego

Our Most Recent Emmy® Award Winning Commercial

Collectively, the group has earned seven Emmy Awards for our work in broadcast television. Our expertise in creating marketing videos ranges from social media ads, education films, to documentaries, and at times we produce broadcast TV spots. See our latest Emmy Award-winning commercial for Victorinox Swiss Army, the makers of the original Swiss Army Knife.

Victorinox Swiss Army: I.N.O.X. Timepiece

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Our workflow has been developed over years of successful collaborations with great brands like yours. Quality and precision drive our work, which is why the first phase of our video project is content DEVELOPMENT


    Corporate Videographers San Diego


    Together, we will define the objectives for your video. We establish the specific goals you want to accomplish.

    In order to design the most effective videos possible, we clarify your messages and define your target audience.


    We research, develop concepts, and write scripts. All of the initial ideas are taken into consideration, then we take it up a notch. All narratives and creative ideas are explored and refined.

    Our Producers handle the logistics for creating your content. From booking film shoots, to design and animation, we ensure that we have ample time and space to create great work.

    Film Production Company San Diego
    Storyboards and Shot Lists help us get in alignment.

    Corporate Video Production Company San Diego

    The second phase of our work together is CREATION. As partners, we work to make every shoot as efficiently as possible. Using small crews and modern technology, we shoot for maximum value so that all your footage can be used in a variety of ways, and& used well into the future.


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    Our crew will film outstanding visuals, whether you are using professional actors or company employees. We’ll design your video with graphics, animations, and text to bring it to life, and keep it on-brand. We’ll coach you through interviews, and advise you on best practices so your company will shine.

    Our professional cinematography and directing style will make you look your best!

    Videographers San Diego
    As award-winning filmmakers and photographers we understand how visuals drive great content.


    All of your footage is organized, your messages defined, and visuals built.

    Our team will design your video with a focus on clarity and good storytelling. Timeless techniques ensure quality during every step of our process.

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    Film Production Company San Diego

    Take a closer look at our Post Production Workflow:

    The Blue Barn Video Editing Process

    We use a multilayer process when editing all of our videos. We’ve been making films for 15+ years, and we know exactly how to extract the best from every video.

    LEVEL 1 - ESTABLISH THE MESSAGE - We carefully construct your story and clarify the messages using interviews, scripted narration, or presentations. We also establish soundtrack ideas to create the base layer of your film.

    LEVEL 2 - ADD THE VISUALS - Once we have your approval on the message (the Level 1 edit), we move on to visuals. We add all the visual elements that enhance your video. Everything we film and design helps evoke emotions and inspire the imagination of your audience so you can make a better, more meaningful connection with them.

    LEVEL 3 - POLISH - Once you feel that the video looks great and flows appropriately, we move into the polishing stage. Numerous technical workflows are done to refine the colors, smooth out camera movements, and the enhance the audio to sound balanced and clear.

    Corporate Video Production Company San Diego


    In this final phase, all of your videos are delivered in multiple formats and sizes so you can share them on your top platforms, such as your company website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google.

    Your footage is recorded in maximum resolution and your raw footage is always yours to own and repurpose for future marketing needs.

    Get ready to launch your next successful video campaign!


For nearly a decade, hundreds of companies have grown to rely on our expertise to drive their brands forward. We look forward to helping your reach your goals with effective video campaigns and stunning visuals.

Corporate Videographers San Diego
From left: Stephen Alberts, Carlos Foster, and Vic Alavi


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