Video Marketing

Types of Marketing Vidoes

People are more likely to buy a something from you after they have watched a video that explains your product or service. Here is a breakdown of the various kinds of marketing videos that help businesses connect to their customers and elevate their brands:

Product Videos showcase your products and services. This is the most common type of PROMO VIDEO. Usually, these promos include product demonstrations or cinematic lifestyle footage meant to explore the features and benefits of specific products. An on-camera presenter or voiceover artist can explain your products services in ways far better than reading text on a website or PDF. And lifestyle scenes with models or actors can really put your product into the real world for the viewers to see. Engage your audience with short scenes and stories, or inform them with “explainer” type product videos. Always make it interesting and use helpful visuals and graphics that assist their understanding and inspire them to buy from you!

Branding Films & About Us Videos are an excellent opportunity to lift the veil and bring transparency. We categorize these videos as CREATIVE BRAND FILMS. Dive into your organization’s background history, or discover what makes you or your products so special? How does what you do improve the lives of others? These types of company videos are great for sharing on social media or as a featured video on your website or Youtube channel. Why not let us film you at work? Show them what you do and how you do it. Letting your clients see you, your employees and team members at work is one of the greatest ways to build trust with your customers. Video has a way of communicating personality and a certain “vibe”. Let our filmmaking capture you in the best light possible so you share who really are. Utilizing smart sound bites from interviews or scripted voiceovers about your business and combining that with “B-roll” (supplemental footage and visuals) is a powerful way of presenting your brand.

Customer Testimonial Videos are one of the most impactful ways to communicate trust for your business. These videos show someone speaking, or testifying about how your product or service has made a difference in their life. As a viewer, you can see their face, hear the emotion and be engaged in a real and meaningful way that helps build trust and gets other people excited about what it is you have to offer.
Brand Ambassador Videos are the best way to add credibility to your brand while featuring your products. Basically, a credible person from your industry who uses your product or service gets on camera to talk about it! They can speak about all of the great benefits and experiences they’ve had and helps new customers get on board. When using a brand ambassador, always keep in mind that this person should be highly qualified, well regarded, and have a positive outlook. Your audience will hear genuine feedback, insights and opinions from qualified professionals, what’s better than that?
Educational Films & How-to Videos teach and instruct. In video marketing, customers need to be educated about how to use your products and services. Marketing videos are the best way to reach your customer segment. Create a series of how-to videos or an entire educational series of films that inform and inspire your audience. Create a Youtube channel that people can subscribe to and always keep your customers up-to-date!
New Product Promotions, Sales and Specials Videos are quick and exciting. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are hugely popular for announcing new products, special deals and promotions. The videos on social media autoplay when you scroll past them which boosts visibility! Short, engaging content that is visually stunning really thrives on social media, so creating fresh content is key to keeping your customers invested in your brand.
Entertaining Videos… Say what?! There are times when entertaining videos do more for a brand than anything else. And why not? We measure everything, these days, in clicks, likes, and shares so lets give your audience something so good they want to share it with their friends. Make it funny, make it exciting, make it philosophical, tell a great story, make it a dance party. There are no rules here, so let’s take your concept and make it even better! In video marketing, content drives interaction, and every business needs to connect with their customers. If you’re nervous that something is too far out that’s OK, company guidelines and design rules still apply and we always make sure to keep everything “on brand”.

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