Event Videography Services

Looking for a quick quote? See the essential videography prices below to get an idea of what kind of budget you may require. Once we consult you on the full scope of your project we can give you the most accurate price possible. Keep in mind that we do not charge for setup or breakdown time for the crews. We will recommend the best setup for your particular project!

Complete Coverage

We offer a complete range of videography services for businesses and other organizations.

Top Of The Line Equipment

We offer Canon EOS Cinema Cameras that film in resolutions from 1920×1080 HD up to 4096×2160 4K resolution. They are known for exceptional sharpness, accurate skin tones, and enhanced details in the shadows and highlights.

Prompt Response

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Corporate Videography Samples

Need More Than Event Videography?

Blue Barn is also a full service filmmaking agency that specializes in creating custom video content.

With our full range of services we begin working in the Pre Production stage all the way through to the final edit. As a team, we create concepts, write scripts, storyboard and plan your video production shoots.

For your benefit, the shoot days are not calculated hourly and we do not line item the truckload of equipment we use either. We show up with a plan of action using the best crews and equipment needed to get the job done!

The video production services we are best known for are Brand Films, Documentaries, Promos + Social Content and Live Event Videography. Our style of writing, direction, cinematography and design are the common threads throughout all of our work.

We always strive to capture the most visually interesting angles and use camera motion to help tell the stories that engage the viewer and enhance the message. We always look forward to sharing our ideas and creating new films as we know that quality video content is crucial for every organization.

Our ultimate goal is to provide maximum value for our clients, every time.

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