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The best brand videos create engagement with people by sharing real stories and authentic messages.

Engagement is crucial in a world full of noise, so give your audience something real that they can relate to, show them that you see them and hear their challenges.

We interviewed three production studios in San Diego and Blue Barn was the most professional of them all.  They were prompt, responsive, and adapted to our needs, especially during times of COVID.  They were able to find actors for us through their contacts.  They also had a small studio with a green screen which we required.  We would recommend them for video production needs.

Jim D.

CEO, Old Town Escape Barn

You are the hero in this story.

We deliver your most important messages and harness the power of storytelling to engage your customers on a deeper level. Through creative brand films we develop meaningful, cinematic content that shows your audience who your really are so you can connect.

The power of story is the most effective way to transform your business.

Below are some great examples of brand videos. Our expert video producers will guide you and help you choose what kind of videos will serve you best. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Brand Ambassador Film

Tell the stories of the professionals that use your products and services. How did you change their lives for the better?

Fundraising Film

Need financial support? Get viewers on the bandwagon with a compelling story. Show exactly how your idea will solve real world problems.

Origin Story

How and why did you start your business? Let’s explore the journey that shaped your products and services.

Values Film

What values are important to you and your company? Tell your audience what matters most to you.

Vision Story

How are you transforming your industry? Let’s show the world your brightest vision for the future.


It’s refreshing working with such a great group of professionals where everyone takes care of business.  Each step of the way, every member of the crew did exactly what they said they were going to do, when they said they would do it.  And at a very high level. That goes for camera work, hair & makeup, direction, editing, and everything in between.   I’ve been part of several productions before and this was by far, the most organized and smooth running in addition to being a great collaborative, creative environment.

Brian N.

Musician, The Black Market Trust



At Blue Barn Creative, we keep the process as simple as possible by asking the right questions at the very beginning. We consult and assess your project and then design the production to suit your needs. 


Your video is made for your audience. It is designed to solve your specific marketing challenges. 

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We focus on the people that empower your company’s mission. Video marketing films can enable you to tell your story, share testimonials from real customers, or lay out a vision for the future. Get people excited about your brand with quality videos.

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