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Creative Brand Films are a great way to share your company’s purpose, values, ​and humanity.

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Creative Brand Film budgets start at $4,000.

Check out the samples below to learn more about the various kinds of brand films we produce.

Values Film

• Explain the values that are important to you and your company.
• Build trust with your audience.
• Show what motivates your team.

Origin Story

• Why did you start your business? Explore the journey that started it all.
• Explain what drives your company.
• Show how your passion adds real value to other people’s lives.

Vision Story

• How are you transforming your industry?
• Explain how your teams work.
• Showcase your brightest vision for the future.

Brand Ambassador Film

• Tell the stories of the professionals that use your products.
• How have you changed their lives for the better?
• Show off the features and benefits that empower your customers.

Fundraising Film

• Get people interested in your mission.
• Show how your idea can help solve common problems.
• Generate excitement for the solutions you want to bring to the market.

Pre Production

Phase 1:  Work with our team to nail down the script, define the objectives and plan the shoot.


Phase 2:  Our expert directors and cinematographers will capture your story, and all the live action elements we need to make your film.

Post Production

Phase 3:  We combine all the visual, audio, and graphic layers together to make cinematic magic!

Our Process

Our workflow is an ongoing collaboration with clients so that every project reaches its full potential. Together, we create video content that has maximum effectiveness for your business.

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