Common Mistakes People Make When Booking a Video Production

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Creating an incredible corporate video or marketing promo can build brand equity and enhance sales. Therefore, hiring a professional videographer will ensure that the right message gets across and gains traction.

However, if mistakes get made during the planning stage, as a result of not taking expert advice, then you could end up with a video that does not strike a chord with your audience.

So, to help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, Blue Barn Creative has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when booking a video production.

1. Not knowing the ‘real’ purpose of the video
Why does the video need to be made? Who is the target audience? and what is the intended outcome? Most of the time, we think a single video will solve all of our problems, but it’s better to focus on one audience or one defined call to action to better connect with your viewers and potential clients. 

2. Not allocating a budget
Video production costs can vary wildly, and there are many factors to consider, but you should go into it knowing what you are comfortable spending. Be honest with yourself, as it’s better to be upfront with your pricing and see what’s doable within your limit. 

Any good production company can help you define the costs, and tell you what’s possible. Also, be realistic! You may have watched the latest Apple commercial twenty times already, but maybe your small business brand video doesn’t need the full Hollywood treatment. 

3. Not researching local production teams
A quick Google search will probably turn up several videographers and agencies in your town, but make sure you do a little research before reaching out. Check out their portfolio and what they choose to share on their websites. 

Do they seem like a good fit? Do they make work similar to what you need? Or do they not fit at all? Maybe you don’t need an agency and only require a single videographer, or you may need a commercial crew rather than a one-man-band operation. A little research will save you time. 

4. Allowing too many cooks into the kitchen
Video production can be complicated, and that’s why you hire a pro. Creativity is subjective, so it doesn’t help when more points of view are involved than needed. 

Before engaging a production company, know who will be involved from your team and elect someone to be the main point of contact. Maybe it will be yourself or an executive, but once the ball is rolling, the process will go much smoother if all communications get routed through one decision-maker. 

5. Being overly ambitious
Along with knowing your budget, equally important is knowing what is possible or necessary to achieve your video production goal. It would be great to hire professional actors for your promo, but are they needed? Could the same message be conveyed with stock footage? The whole team wants to get interviewed in the brand video. Great! Your production day just doubled in filming time and price. Those fancy 3D animated graphics look gorgeous, but does your target audience value this production level of quality, or will simple bold text graphics do the trick? Knowing the most precise and most efficient way to deliver your message is far more valuable than adding layers of complexity to your project. Consult with your production team to see what’s necessary to achieve your objectives. 

6. Doing the interview yourself
It’s a common thought, ‘I know the person we’re interviewing better than the filmmakers, so of course, our conversation will be much more exciting, intimate, and genuine’. Then you sit down, read off the list of questions, and the interview is just blah. The art of interviewing takes practice and an ear for storytelling. If your video team’s interviewer is experienced (usually the director or producer), they will be listening for specific sound bites that tell the video’s story clearly and concisely. There are little things, too, like knowing how to get someone to condense a great (but long) answer into an even shorter, more focused soundbite. Great interviewers will set your interview subject at ease and get the answers they need for your video. So, trust the storyteller.

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