Launching a Brand During COVID

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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone to make changes, compromises, and sacrifices. You might be wondering, ‘How can we collaborate and film new videos if I can’t even go into the office?’ It is possible to create stellar video content and prioritize safety. The world may have slowed down, but we haven’t.

One of our clients, Elaluz, launched a beauty brand this year with a focus on mindful luxury, clean ingredients, and inclusivity. They wanted to create two video series to build brand awareness and tell their unique story. Our team has a long creative relationship with Elaluz’s parent company, so the client trusted our expertise going into the project, even while navigating COVID protocols and guidelines.

We filmed nine brand videos over the course of four days. The Los Angeles shoot was split between our professional studio space and an outdoor private residence, so we filed permits with the city for both locations. Our first steps were to seek permission, confirm guidelines, and coordinate PPE.

The location, equipment, and touchpoints were carefully sanitized and cleaned before, during, and after every shoot. Everyone involved was cleared for production with questionnaires and temperature checks. A city official also stopped by to check for compliance during filming.

We pared down our production staff with a small, spaced out crew. Even though we were so far apart and separated by face masks and shields, it was actually quite an intimate filming experience.

Our talented videographers captured incredible detail and unique perspectives with zoom lenses, whenever possible. We love the creative experience of working with models and a spokesperson who can tell a personal story. All of our interviews were filmed outside, and boom microphones allowed us to capture crisp audio while maintaining a safe distance.

Video production is a collaborative experience, and Elaluz was a joy to work with. We confirmed all of the primary story details before the shoot started. Our team came into filming with focused preparation and a clear understanding of the visual goals. This allowed us to execute the brand video in less time and with less back-and-forth. For safety, only our director was allowed to speak with the client’s team in-person.

Our crew set up large monitors on set and transmitted the video directly to our client’s devices. We wanted to make sure that everyone had a clear view without compromising social distancing protocols. Then, we completed the editing process and submitted digital files for a seamless delivery.

At Blue Barn, creating high-level content is non-negotiable. You deserve to work with a video production team that respects the current conditions and still manages to exceed expectations. How we film has changed, but the quality has not.

With imaginative solutions, we can overcome even the most challenging situations.