3 Essential Tips When Booking Your Video Production Crew

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3 Essential Tips When Booking Your Video Production Crew

  • Have an idea of what you want to accomplish with your video.
  • Bring your best ideas, we’ll take them further.
  • Assess the layers of content you may require.

Blog by Blue Barn Creative

Booking a video production crew should be a smooth experience, however, sometimes clients are not sure what they should ask for. Well, Blue Barn is here to help. Follow these quick tips  when booking your next video crew.

TIP #1: Have an idea of what you want to accomplish with your video.

What are your marketing goals exactly? Are you trying to make new sales? Are you building your audience, fan base and subscriber count with content they care to learn about? Are you trying to explain a complex idea or get support for your next venture?

There are a variety of great reasons to create engaging videos for your business. No one enjoys watching videos without a point, or specific call to action. So make sure you create videos that are clear, visually stimulating, and to the point.

TIP #2:  Bring your best ideas, we’ll take them further.

You could be confused about what kind of video to make, or you could be the type of person who has the whole script and storyboard ready to go and you simply need a crew to execute the production. Either way, we are here to help!

Some clients and marketing agencies need a turnkey video crew solution as well, which is why many Producers and Creative Directors come to us to film their projects. No matter the reason, Blue Barn will elevate your business by creating the best content in the most appropriate format to help you hit your targets.

TIP #3:  Assess the layers of content you may require.

For example, the video you envision might require interviews, presentations, motion graphics, animations, creative B-Roll or lifestyle shots. Your production may require professional actors, friendly volunteers, VoiceOver artists, or models. Every layer requires manpower and resources as well as talented Cinematographers, Editors, and Directors to bring it all together. The more layers we have to design, the more preparation and planning we will do.

Blog by Blue Barn Creative

You will also want to get a sense of where you are permitted to film or whether you need our team to lock down a location (which may include film permits). We will come up with a creative plan to capture all the necessary elements for your next video. We do it all, but the more you have prepared, the faster we can create, and the smaller the budget can be.

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Keep in mind the following important questions to ask yourself when planning your video project:

  • What audience are you trying to reach with this video? Do you want to create internal company videos for employees or network partners? Or are you making videos for consumers and potential clients? 
  • Which platform will your video be shown? Social media? Company website? YouTube? Email newsletter?
  • What key information are you trying to share? Will the videos be a presentation of facts, company vision, or stories and inspiration?

This kind of information will dictate how long the edited videos should be, as well as what manner they will be filmed. Determine the kind of artistic vision, pace, and style should be implemented to make your videos really shine for your specific audience.


Blog by Blue Barn Creative

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Consider these tips above and you’ll be on your way to a smooth expoerience. Blue Barn has been providing event video production services for nearly 10 years throughout San Diego and across the globe. Our specialty is making custom brand films and web videos. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for consultation, and we wish you the best of luck on your next video project!

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