“Stories convey the culture, history, and values that unite people.” – Harvard Business

We have been sharing stories ever since our existence, and it’s an essential part of how we communicate every day. Stories build connection, pique our interest, and deepen our understanding of things. These are just a few reasons why storytelling can be a powerful tool for brands.

Why are stories valuable in a business setting?

Traditionally companies have relied on numbers, statistics, and hard data to build prestige and credibility among their business. A compelling story; however, can do just that in a much simpler way. While many companies have a story to share, communicating it clearly is where we often struggle. Our team takes the time to consult with each client prior to filming, which allows us to create an engaging narrative film with a clear roadmap in place. A brand story can help simplify complex messages of a business and share its purpose in a clear way. Some of the most successful companies today have used purpose driven stories to inspire audiences. One example of a brand story is The Black Market Trust at the world-famous Capitol Records. Our intention with this film was to capture the collective voice of BMT and the influences that shaped their sound and recent album.


“The top 10 companies on the Global Empathy Index generated 50% more earnings and increased in value more than twice those in the bottom 10.” -Forbes


Stories persuade and influence audiences

Stories can distinguish your business among the rest because they’re authentic and form relationships with people. They have the power to tap into our emotions and connect on a human level. Often we make decisions based on emotion rather than logic, people want to believe in a business and what it stands for. Not to mention they will trust a brand who aligns with their values. By sharing a meaningful story, a company can elevate its perceived value and ultimately win over its audience. The example below is a values film we created for Procopio, a San Diego based law firm. The film explores the stories of attorneys from various backgrounds and how diversity has impacted them personally and the clients they serve.


As you consider which stories your company is looking to share, take a moment to think about connection and how you can relate to your audience. A business shouldn’t be afraid to lift the veil; exposing the struggles, challenges, and success that went into building the brand. People want to rally behind a purpose-driven company. Share a remarkable story that inspires, engages, and motivates others. Our company specializes in creating custom brand films that deliver powerful messages and harness the true power of storytelling. If your company has made a profound impact on your industry or has a unique story to tell, reach out to our team for a free creative consultation. Get people excited about your brand with quality videos.