As 2018 begins to ramp up, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and the businesses and brands that we helped to shape in 2017. We want to thank you and all of the amazing companies we’ve partnered with for an outstanding year of collaboration! This year we’ve completed a total of 34 productions.

Our productions have taken us on some adventures, as we worked alongside top NYC agencies and brands like Schick and SYFY Channel during San Diego’s “Comic Con.”

We also explored the motivational products of life style guru Tony Robbinsby producing a short film. We blended spokesperson videos with narrative, short scenes to bring the ideas to life. We’ve captured leadership conferences for high level organizations like Marsh McLennon & Companies, and done top secret, internal projects for companies like Hewlett Packard.

As always, we pride ourselves on our continuous partnerships with amazing brands. We were proud to launch several new products and create a series of Amazon videos and social media films for the entire product line of one of our most creative partners, R+Co, who happen to be one of the fastest growing beauty brands in the industry!

And finally, this year we wanted to mention a special collaboration we did with Victorinox Swiss Army and the Wounded Warrior Project. Check out some of the content we created and reach out to us for all of your most important filmmaking and videography work! January is going by in a flash, and we’ll be in the middle of Spring before we know! So take a moment and enjoy the projects that made 2017 so special.

— Stephen Alberts, Co-Founder/Creative Director