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A Values Film Focusing On Diversity & Inclusion

Blue Barn’s latest video production features Procopio,¬†one of the most respected law firms in the Western United States. Founded in 1946, Procopio has more than 170 attorneys, many of whom come from diverse backgrounds.

Our goal was to create what we call a Values Film for the firm that featured several of their attorneys. This type of video really explores why a brand or company embraces a certain value. In this case, our theme is diversity and inclusion.
By exploring the stories of our attorneys, we focused on how diversity at the firm made a significant impact on them personally and how it benefits their clients. By featuring specific attorneys from different backgrounds, we are able to humanize the brand with each of the films we produced. There were a total of five films we produced for the video campaign, one for each attorney, and one compilation film (scroll down to watch).


It shows viewers some of the real human faces behind the brand and, most importantly, provides an opportunity for potential future clients to decide if they resonate with Procopio.

Many companies can potentially benefit from sharing a Values Film. It helps build trust with your audience as well as future customers who may be actively researching your brand. It helps keep your company in the forefront of your viewer’s mind, especially if people watching share those same values.

Which values does your company embrace? How clear is that on your website and in your marketing? Does your staff embody the core values and qualities that make your product or services so great?

If you want to explore this with our team, we love to provide meaningful consultation that can guide you to your next successful video production. We work closely with all of our clients to develop their ideas, write scripts and produce high value content that takes them further than ever before!


See how the Procopio attorneys embrace diversity and inclusion.

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