Don’t you wish all of your conversations took place entirely in song? Well, the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus does! The chorus contacted our team with a fun approach to a serious topic: HIV testing. The chorus had partnered with the makers of OraQuick, the first in-home HIV test you can buy over the counter. Both the brand and the chorus knew they wanted something that was light and engaging, something that would break the ice for a topic that is not talked about openly enough within the gay community. We were thrilled to bring our video production talents to the chorus who, now in their 31st year, are kinda local celebrities.


The production would be a musical of course, with the chorus providing the singing, and their signature wit, and us capturing the story. It all takes place during a holiday party, where one man’s curiosity inspires a fun singalong style melody, all to describe and raise awareness of OraQuick (just in time for the holidays). We brought out the RED camera for this one, to better capture the cinematic “holiday special” we were aiming for. The chorus really stepped up, and the crew couldn’t remember a shoot where we laughed so much on set.

In the end, “OraQuick” captures the humor of the chorus while informing their audience of an important¬†product. And we dare you to not get this song stuck in your head…