Video is the dominant force on the internet. That’s it, end of blog. Ha! Just kidding, what we actually want to say is that more and more resources are being spent on creating high quality, effective video content in order to capture the attention of audiences, build trust with customers, and engage followers. So it’s worth considering whether your next video should be long form, or short form.

In video production, setting goals is paramount for success. So, we also want to share with you a few key steps to help you decide whether you should be creating short or long form videos, and as we always like to emphasize, how to create impactful videos.

The first question we always ask clients is, what do you want to achieve with your video? Is it a product or service you are trying to promote? Are you hoping to hook onto an audience you want to engage with? Before starting any video project, you must have a clear idea of who your audience is, along with a clear objective for your video. If you skip this step, you will be limiting its full potential! So please, do not skip this step. As content creators, we strive to create compelling, engaging films that speak to people in meaningful ways. So, if we end up consulting you, come prepared to discuss the people you want to reach and what exactly you want them to do once they’ve seen your video.

Product Knowledge (PK) Long Form Videos

Every video project is different. We collaborate with each brand in a unique way so that each film is tailored to the client’s vision. Many clients think video is best consumed in short 60-90 second clips. And yes, certain videos do very well at that duration. Sometimes 5 – 10 seconds is all you need. It can be the perfect amount of time to reach audiences in a world of 6 millisecond attention spans (where the window of opportunity to grab them is only as long as it takes someone to scroll up a news feed with their thumb). On the contrary, this isn’t always the case for every project. A great example of this is our line of PK Films (also known as product films) we developed for one of our long-standing clients, R+Co.


The film you see above is a long-format film, approximately 11 minutes long and the particular audience for this film is a global network of hairdressers who are already invested in the R+Co product line. These people are using and selling R+Co in their salons. They are the audience looking for detailed explanation and demonstrations. The film was designed to explain how to use the product and explore the different features and benefits in a way that an inspired, educated hairstylist will understand and be able to share with their clients in the chair. The intended audience is a ‘captive’ one, which is why we didn’t need to blow their minds in the first five seconds and spit the messages out immediately. It’s an audience of beauty professionals that is already interested in the product. Most are salon owners and hair stylists who do not need to be “sold” so much, they want all that good knowledge and insight from the founder of the brand which will help them do their jobs better and feed their creative endeavors. 

Long Form Vs. Short Form Videos

The average R+Co consumer will not see this film, therefore, this longer version above was not built for them. For everyday people looking for salon quality hair products with a unique edge, we were asked to create short form videos for the entire product line. The 30 second consumer clips we made are for the customer shopping on Amazon or through the R+Co website. We created them to be much more visually engaging and we utilized text on-screen for a quick, easy viewing on social media platforms. See how much less info is offered in these short, snackable size videos versus the long form video, however, the high production value and dreamy visuals help create a ‘feeling’ and overall impression of the brand in a very short amount of time. In effect, we were able to present the brand in a simple and effective way, while also impressing onto the customer R+Co’s values of product quality and creative expression.

The longer films we created for the beauty professionals share valuable information about how to use the product, which hairstyles are best suited for the product, as well as the purpose for the various ingredients found in the specific product. The shorter, social media style, consumer-facing films we created for R+Co were intended to improve brand perception, build trust, and establish authenticity in quick fashion, while delivering some key takeaways about what the products actually do.

Long Form Video Example

R+Co Launch Film – here is a different example of a long format film we created for R+Co when they initially launched the brand. It was the “launch film” intended to get people in the hair industry fired up about this amazing and unique team of talent behind the hair products. The objective was to get salon owners to carry R+Co, to take a chance on a new brand founded by legends in the business.

Guidelines for Goal Development in Long Form Video Creation

Using the S.M.A.R.T. method


  • Be strategic and be very specific in defining your goals for your videos with a clear idea of how they fit into your larger campaigns.
  • Relevancy: Who is your audience? Why are you making the video? Where will the content be shown?
  • Do you have a clear call-to-action? Something you want them to do, such as provide their email, purchase a certain product, or subscribe to your channel?


  • What are the results you’re aiming for? If you’re looking to generate brand awareness, your film could be long-format, as seen in the Product Knowledge (PK Films) series with R+Co.
  • If you want to see trackable results, look towards  short form videos that are visually engaging and direct in their messages and stories. If you have a visible “call to action” button or link, you can measure your click-throughs more easily.


  • Have you allocated the necessary budget and resources?
  • Do you have enough time to plan and execute a video production.


  • Do you have realistic expectations with the goals you’ve set?
  • Video production can have unpredictable circumstances, weather, a key person becomes ill, etc., so build some flexibility into your timeframe.


  • Quality work takes time to craft, allow at least 4 – 8 weeks from start to finish.
  • If you have a tighter deadline, there are ways to creatively produce your video, as efficiently as possible.

Quality video makes for incredibly effective marketing.

With a solid understanding of cinematic storytelling and the different types of videos and available, you and your company will be able to create amazing videos. Film is an art, a language even, and every company can embrace filmmaking in their effort to connect, inform and inspire their audiences. Collaborating with a dedicated team of filmmakers like Blue Barn will open up possibilities you may never have imagined. Check out some of our previous posts about Interview Lighting or The Creative Forces That Guide Us. Our team loves to solve the challenges our clients face by designing custom digital content and films. Help people notice you, and see your brand in the best possible light.