We recently had the opportunity to create a promo for CBS and Victorinox Swiss Army for their Huntsmen Boy Scout Swiss Army Knife. Our goal was to make a hybrid promo that featured the new reboot of MacGyver on CBS, and end it with a promotion for the Swiss Army Knife. Everyone knows that MacGyver is a lifelong Boy Scout and his trusty knife is always there to help him get out of trouble, so what better way to remind people that a Swiss Army Knife is an essential piece of kit? The edit had to be short enough to share on social media and Youtube, so we had to make it visually engaging and fun to watch.

Our collaboration began with the CBS team, as they provided the skeleton of the promo for MacGyver. We then took it, refined the edit, and recreated the MacGyver title in Cinema 4D and After Effects. We added sound design and some extra touches to bring it all together. The second half of the promo we created from scratch by doing some smooth macro shots of the knife in 5K with the RED Scarlet Dragon. We were able to get some incredible detail with the Zeiss Milvus 50mm Makro and put some extra reframing of the compositions in post production. The Kino Celebs provided us with some really nice soft lighting and a variable speed cake spinner allow us some great rotating product shots. The graphics were derived from Adobe Illustrator files and redesigned in After Effects.

Overall, we really like the idea that MacGyver relies on his Swiss Army Knife to come up with some wild¬†escape plans, and that some of that ingenuity might inspire the audience. “Always Be Prepared” is the tag line, and a good Swiss Army Knife allows you to do just that.