About a year ago our team was invited to film in the famous AVALON Hollywood theater. Once the stage for icons such as the Beatles, Judy Garland, The Jackson 5, and more contemporary acts such as Nirvana and Calvin Harris; the theater has undergone many name changes and many reinventions over its decades long history. On this day, the AVALON would be another stop on the multi-city tour for the R+Co brand.

R+Co is a hair product company that prides itself on reinvention, individuality, and creativity. In short, they are a group of highly talented people that do things their own way, rules be damned! Our team has been fortunate to work with this group of mavericks since the company officially launched the brand with our “Prospect Film”. Since then we’ve gone on to film all of their product knowledge films, social media videos, and behind the scenes documentaries. This particular film would capture the swirling energy of putting on a live show and, for the first time, showcase all three R+Co founders in the same setting, with their distinct personalities.

To best capture the action without missing a moment, we decided to dedicate a camera operator to each of the three R+Co founders: Howard McLaren, Thom Priano, and Garren. From setup to the official wrap of the live stage show, our cameras followed the action. We made the conscious decision to adapt a “fly on the wall” approach to the film. There would be interviews interspersed to give context, and a chance for viewers to hear from the founders themselves, but a healthy portion of the film would be simply watching how an event like this is put together and what unfolds behind the scenes.

The edit was a massive undertaking of weaving essentially three stories together, and finding the common themes between our main players. Luckily, Howard, Thom, and Garren are all such pros, and united in their vision for the R+Co brand, so finding commonalities wasn’t so daunting. And of course, their differences of opinion and approach to their craft were interesting moments to showcase as well.

The final result is a short documentary that follows three exceptional hairdressers, at the top of their game, launching a brand and connecting with their audience: salon owners and hairdressers. It is especially inspiring for up and coming stylists to see a brand that celebrates the “new”, and invites them to become part of “the collective”. While we may not be able to pull off a bowl cut to save our life, we left the show feeling just as energized in our own creative pursuits and, after watching the film, hopefully you do too!