Booking a videography crew should be a smooth experience, but clients don’t often know what to ask for. Well, Blue Barn is here to help. Follow these quick tips  when booking your next videography crew.

5 Quick Tips: Booking Your Event Videographer

• Ask for raw footage or edited videos.

• Ask for a certain number of camera angles.

• Be clear about how many interviews and how much B-roll you need.

• Describe the conditions for recording audio.

• If the location is dark, order lights.

TIP 1:  Raw Footage or Edited Video

First, decide whether you want the raw footage only, or if you would like the video production team to edit the footage into a finished product. Often times, companies have an in-house creative team with video editors, graphic designers and producers. So, all that is needed are local experts to capture quality footage. In this case, it is best to order raw footage from your video crew and your own in-house team can handle the deliverables.

If you want a full service video production that includes edited videos, such as highlight videos or presentation videos, make sure to outline exactly what kind of content you are trying to create. Keep in mind the following important aspects for the video edits you may request:

• Who is the audience? Are these internal videos for employees and network partners? Or consumers and clients?

• Which platform will your video be shown? Social media? Company website? YouTube? Email newsletter?

• What key information are you trying to share? Will the videos be a presentation of facts, company vision, or stories and inspiration?

This kind of information will dictate how long the edited videos should be, in what manner they will be filmed, and what kind of artistic vision should be implemented to make your videos really shine.

TIP 2:  Camera Angles

Imagine how many camera angles would be the most effective for creating engaging video content from your event. Would you like all camera shots to be stationary and shot “clean”? Or would you like a combination of camera techniques and movements to help create a sense of energy and opportunities to visually engage the viewer? Skilled camera operators can create compelling compositions using a variety of techniques. Explain your vision or even provide reference videos to your video crew and they’ll be sure to match the visual style you are after. The videographers will recommend the right equipment such as 3-axis gimbals, sliders, drones and shoulder mount rigs to accomodate.

TIP 3:  Interviews

Most events require videographers to capture highlights as well as creative and informative B-Roll (supplemental live action footage). But, you may also require interviews. For example, company leaders will often gather for keynote speeches and corporate conferences, so it’s a great idea to book some quick interviews with them on key topics for your marketing or internal company videos. Attendee interviews, AKA “man on the street interviews,” can also be a great way to capture some additional insights and feedback for your particular audience. If this kind of “roving” camera operator is needed, the team will need to provide certain equipment and crew to make it sound and look great. Certain microphones and light modifying equipment make all the difference in these situations, as well as a production assistant or a director to ask the questions. Make sure to let the team know what you need.

 TIP 4:  Audio Setup

Audio conditions are just as important as the visuals. Can you provide a relatively quite place for sit-down interviews? Somewhere with little foot traffic and noise? For speeches on stage or at a podium, can the video crew access the audio mixing board to record clean house sound? All microphones from presenter stages are routed to the house A/V system and it’s smart to “hijack” the audio for crystal clear voice recordings. If your event is smaller, and there is no house sound, the videography crew can bring wireless lapel microphones to capture clean audio.

TIP 5:  Lighting

The lighting setups on stage during keynote speeches and presentations on stages and ballrooms is usually sufficient for proper video recording, so no extra light is required. However, if interviews are required at your event, then the video crew should bring at least one high quality, soft key light to make sure all the interviews look as good as possible on camera. Several professional lights will make a huge difference in  the hands of skilled vidoegraphy teams in making all of your on-camera speakers look their absolute best. Check out our blog post on interview lighting here.

Professional Video Production Crews

Ask about these five things and you’ll be on your way to a smooth expoerience. Blue Barn has been providing event videography services for years across the country, in addition to making custom brand films and commercial videos. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for consultation, and we wish you the best of luck on your next event!

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