Blue Barn Creative is a San Diego video production company


Blue Barn Creative is a San Diego video production company

With the combined talents of an award-winning team, our projects range from nationally televised commercials, branding films, promotional videos, documentaries, and custom video production services.

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Branding Films

Tell the world what you are about! Showcase the talent and personality behind your products and services.


Powerful stories and interviews mixed with beautiful cinematography are the basis for great films.

Live Event Coverage

Capture the most important events and keynote speeches with our "documentary-style", professional camera work.

Commercial Productions

From social media promos to national commercials, we concept, create, and deliver.


The craft of filmmaking is a process with many layers. Most of our clients come to us for guidance and direction for their video projects and film production. We pride oursleves on the ability to distill complex ideas and creative concepts down to their essence. Then, we build out a process that fits their needs, is scaled to their budget, and provides the maximum amount of value possible. That means, we create films and videos that are tailor-made for every client and each video is aimed at an intended audience. Whether your project is for a local business or a national commercial campaign, our team handles every aspect of video production under one roof. Prior to every project we provide free, creative consultation. Contact Us Today!.

Pre Production

The first stage of working together is vital to the process of creating great films. Our team will collaborate with you and help decide what what matters most to you. Who is your audience? What are we trying to say, share, or show them with this film? From there, we write the scripts and storyboards, which are the initial steps to translating your vision into an expertly crafted film. Through careful planning and open communication, we always aim to anticipate clients requests and get to the essence of the message. 


All of our work is done with professional Canon Cinema Cameras, and RED Cinema Cameras in 1080p HD up to 5K resolution. Yet, what matters more than camera systems is strong storytelling, clear messages, and striking visual imagery. All of which are emphasized in every project. The quality of the gear we use reflects our respect for the filmmaking craft, as we always attempt to capture the light and sounds that tell your story, or showcase your products, in the best possible way.

Post Production

We use the latest Adobe Creative Suite to edit our films, create graphics, animations, and title sequences. Beyond the software we use, our team has a diverse background in editing every type of video you can think of, and many of our productions have received national recognition. Creating films with purpose and providing value for our clients is a must. For us, filmmaking is a labor of love. So, rest assured, you’re in good hands!

Meet the Team

Stephen Alberts

Stephen Alberts

Creative Director

Vic Alavi

Vic Alavi


Carlos Foster

Carlos Foster

Project Director

Hailing from London, New York, and the Napa Valley: Vic, Stephen, and Carlos bring their unique skill sets to the table on every project. Working together offers a winning combination of experience, talent, and creativity, from three distinct perspectives. They founded Blue Barn Creative together in 2012 and have been working together, full time since then to make it the premier video production company in San Diego. 

The Craft of Filmmaking

The video production services we are best known for are Branding Films, Documentaries, Live Event Coverage, and Commercial Productions. Our styles of writing, directing, cinematography and design are the common threads throughout all of our work. Even our most polished commercial productions and our live event coverage benefit from our documentary-style camera work. As new tools become available and new techniques inspire us, we use everything and anything we possibly can to create high-quality productions, regardless of budgets. We always strive to capture the most visually interesting angles and use camera motion to help tell the stories, that engage the viewer, and enhance the message. We always look forward to sharing our ideas and creating new films as we know how powerful video can be for any organization. Our ultimate goal is to provide maximum value for our clients, every time.


The Perfect Location Inspires a Great Performance

Collectively, Steve, Vic and I have all had our share of production adventures both great and small, but we have always carried a soft spot projects that involved our other passion: music. We make no attempt to hide our obsession (there’s a guitar or bass in every...

The Lifelong Boy Scout in All of Us

We recently had the opportunity to create a promo for CBS and Victorinox Swiss Army for their Huntsmen Boy Scout Swiss Army Knife. Our goal was to make a hybrid promo that featured the new reboot of MacGyver on CBS, and end it with a promotion for the Swiss Army...

Singing a Chorus to Raise Awareness

Don't you wish all of your conversations took place entirely in song? Well, the San Diego Gay Men's Chorus does! The chorus contacted our team with a fun approach to a serious topic: HIV testing. The chorus had partnered with the makers of OraQuick, the first in-home...

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Regardless of what kind of budget you may be working with, there is always a video solution within reach. You may not even know it, which is why consultation is free. Contact us today!

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